Censored Canadian artist takes anti-Tar Sands message to USA

Canadian environmental writer, illustrator and activist Franke James has been blacklisted by the Canadian government for making art that was critical of the Canadian government’s policies with respect to tar sands and climate change. … Her latest project brought her to Washington, D.C. in an effort to raise awareness in the U.S. about Canada’s investment in dirty tar sands oil and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s administration steering energy and environmental policies in favor of fossil fuel companies.

Recently Canadian PM Harper said that Canada “won’t take no for answer” on Keystone XL, stating, “this won’t be final until it’s approved and we will keep pushing forward.”

This type of rhetoric combined with recent reports of suppressing climate science and doing a bad job of protecting the environment have made the Harper administration look both unwilling to compromise and out of touch with public sentiment, giving activists like James a window of opportunity.

James’ posters are displayed on D.C. bus stops along Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues near the White House and the Capitol.


See also: http://www.frankejames.com/oh-no-canada-posters/

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Censored Canadian Artist Launches DC Anti-Tar Sands Ad CampaignWashington, DC – Franke James, a Canadian environmental writer, illustrator and activist is bringing her protest art show to DC in the form of a series of bus stop advertisements along Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenue.The five-figure ad buy will run through November, and features six pieces of art in protest of Canada’s attempts to silence environmental voices, including hers. The bus stop locations are at 7th & Pennsylvania NW, 10th & Pennsylvania NW, 8th & Pennsylvania SE, 7th & Constitution NW, and 15th & Constitution NW.

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  1. Franke James at |

    Thnx +Murray J Brown for sharing the ThinkProgress article! Here's the link to the site which shows the media coverage, in-situ photos and how crowdfunding and eNGOs in DC helped make this show happen. http://www.ohnocanada.com/no-keystone-xl/

  2. Guenter Rieger at |

    Thanks for standing up.

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