Oh No Canada! Six Easy Ways to Crush Free Expression

Oh No Canada! Six Easy Ways to Crush Free Expression

+Franke James documents her experience with Harperialist censorship and suppression. I'm hopeful that today Canadians will vote for a change.

It’s all too easy. Mix maniacal message control, far-reaching power, and the politics of hate all together and you have an industrial machine that crushes free expression — and then sweeps up after itself to cover its tracks.

The Harper government targets anyone who thinks differently from them and has the nerve to express those ideas.

The Six Easy Ways is artwork I’ve created based on my experience of being blacklisted, monitored and censored by the Harper Government in 2011. Prior to that life-changing discovery, I took my right to freedom of expression for granted. After all, I live in Canada! I trusted that I could speak up and voice my opinions. But my experience shows that free expression is at grave risk, as high-ranking government officials including politically-appointed Ambassadors, warned people not to support me because my views on the oil sands run counter to (some) government policies. Their behind the scenes actions resulted in the cancellation of my 20-city art show in Europe — an exhibition which was intended to inspire students to take action on climate change.