Peak Resources on a finite world

Peak Resources on a finite world

Many are aware of Peak Oil, the point at which depletion of limited fossil fuel resources outpaces discovery and production. Our industrial consumer capitalist civilization is just as dependent upon the continued availability of a wide range of other natural resources, notably a number of widely used but increasingly rare elements.

We may never completely exhaust all reserves of some endangered resource but the rising costs of extraction and diminishing returns on investment and energy expended will put an end to its use for anything but our most crucial needs.

Sooner or later, our industrial consumer capitalist civilization will end. It may happen relatively quick collapse as a result of an existential climate crisis fueled by continued use of C02 emitting fossil fuels or entail a long decline as we cling to the deluded hope of continuing with business as usual, reluctantly coping with change foist upon us by unhappy circumstances.

Without some transformation to a more sustainable no-growth form of society, we may see a return to a new Dark Ages with a precipitous decline in population from starvation and ongoing internecine conflicts among and within feudal states.

Infinite growth on a finite planet is just not possible. The remnants of our cars and cell phones in fossil records may well mark the high point of humankind's so-called technological progress, and hubris.